Benefits of Eco Racing as a Vehicle Fuel Saver

The higher fuel prices make someone especially those who have high mobility become overwhelmed. Especially if the vehicle owned is an old version of the car which incidentally is wasteful of fuel. As a solution to save fuel, there is now Eco Racing that you can choose from. This brand BBM saver is very safe to use even for a long time. In fact, it not only saves fuel but can improve engine performance to be more resilient. This product makes combustion of fuel in the engine perfectly.

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What are the benefits of Eco Racing?

There are several benefits of Eco Racing as a mainstay product, the following are:

    Can make fuel-efficient vehicles up to 50%
    Can make the engine sound smooth
    Can make the machine durable so that its durability is durable
    Can reduce carbon dioxide emissions
    Can make engine combustion more optimal
    Can help reduce air pollution
    Can increase RON and MON
    Can overcome knocking on the machine
    Can prevent rust on the engine, gasoline hose and carburetor.

Eco Racing Advantages and Weaknesses

There are many advantages or benefits of Eco Racing mentioned above. Next, you must be wondering about the weakness of this product right? Until now, there were no weaknesses in Eco Racing. Because, this product is actually good if used in long-term use. This fuel saver will help improve engine performance so that its feasibility is even more durable.
Is Eco Racing Lying?

Of course Eco Racing is a real anti-hoax business. Members who join the Eco Racing business are already many. They are spread from all over the country. In Eco Racing members, they have experienced the quality. BBM can be economical by up to 50%. This makes spending on fuel expenditure can be allocated to other needs. So, there is no doubt about Eco Racing lies. What is available is that Eco Racing is a product that has beneficial benefits for its users.

Is Eco Racing Safe?
Obviously, Eco Racing products are very safe to use. This is evidenced by several laboratory tests. The following list:

Lemigas 050/PK/8.1/IX/2013
Petrolab 00564/F/13
Uji Emisi Menghilangkan CO 100%
Uji Dyno Test Power & Torque

How to use Eco Racing

You are still confused how to use BBM Eco Racing Saver Products? Relax, it’s very easy. You just enter one Eco Racing tablet on the gas tank. When you finish refueling at POM Gasoline, immediately put 1 tablet in your vehicle’s fuel tank. Later, this Eco Racing will make vehicle fuel consumption become more economical.

Then what about the dose of use? For 1 tablet Eco Racing can be used for 4 liters of gasoline. While 1 sachet Eco Racing can be used for 20 liters of fuel. Sachet packaging cannot be used for motorbikes, but only for cars.

There are still many questions from Eco Racing users. The use of this fuel-saving product has a dosage rule. Then, what if it turns out over dosage in using it? Is it dangerous? The answer is harmless. It’s just that the effects provided by Eco Racing are only disposable. So, when you use 2 Eco Racing tablets inside the gas tank, the function will be the same when using 1 tablet. After the gasoline runs out, then charging next you also have to enter Eco Racing again so that it is fuel efficient.

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